We hate to advertise Matthews because we like the amount of traffic it sees. Over the years, we often go there twice during our stay because it is comfortable, the food is consistently and predictably delicious, they have a very good selection of wine with a good pour, the view of the ocean is unobstructed and offers one of the few places where you can see a really good sunset. The management and wait staff is very attentive and prompt and friendly, especially Sander.

Try the grouper and substitute the shrimp sauce for the mango sauce. Excellent! The kabobs are super, as well. The entire menu is very good.

This is one of our favorites. If you go out to Aruba Discounts on the web, you can find a 10% off coupon, as well. Don’t be like me, though… the coupon works a lot better if you actually remember to use it! Duh!